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Is your commercial walk-in cooler in Glendale AZ having a problem? Save your inventory – call us now.

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Do you need Commercial Walk In Cooler Repair in Glendale AZ? Call 602-753-4333 now.

You rely heavily on your walk-ins to keep your cold things cold. If you are like most food facilities, your walk-ins are your hardest working refrigeration units. But they can break down without warning, causing all kinds of issues for your establishment. If the walk-in isn’t working properly, food can spoil quickly! Cold drinks won’t stay cold for long, either.

If your walk-in smells funny when you enter it, there’s a possibility that the refrigeration is not working properly anymore and the inside temperature may already be on the rise. This is VERY bad for your inventory!

We have been helping Glendale AZ businesses for decades with their refrigeration issues. If you suspect that your walk-in isn’t working properly or your temps are out of spec, call us right away at 602-753-4333


Best Ways to Keep On Top of Your Walk-In Refrigeration

1) Keep your walk-in doors closed as much as possible. Allowing the temperature to climb inside the walk-in, especially during our Arizona summers, will make the compressor work too hard and can actually cause your lines to freeze up. This would completely stop the cooling action of the unit which can potentially cause your inventory to spoil.

2) Scheduling a visit once a year for maintenance will help keep your unit(s) in top operating capacity. We can check the refrigerant levels and clean out the coils to make sure your unit is working at top efficiency. This will extend the life of important components like the compressor and also reduce the electrical cost to run the unit. This can effectively pay for our service call by itself, especially if you have multiple units in service.

3) If your system begins to act strange, call Cooling Kings Mechanical, your local and independently owned and operated walk-in refrigerator walk-in freezer repair service in Glendale AZ 85302 plus all other Glendale Arizona zip codes right away.

4) Bonus tip: Looking to purchase an additional reefer unit? Used units might look like a bargain, but the potential cost of repairs might actually end up costing more in the long run. If you have the budget, opt for the new one. If you do have a breakdown, call us – we will come help quickly and efficiently.

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