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See Why We’re the Most Trusted Glendale AZ AC Repair Service

When it comes to AC repair in Glendale AZ you have choices. The most important thing that you want to know is that the guys that came out last year will be around if you need them, and will be the same guys you can call this year and next year. They’ll also be there for you, if needed, in times of emergency as well.

We’re not a big outfit from out of town or out of state where you’re just another number. We’re locally owned and operated and go to the same grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants you do. So we’re not going to lead you in with some cheap service just to overcharge you later on for the AC service you really need. Our expert air conditioning repairs and maintenance and air conditioning installations in Glendale AZ are top-rated and award-winning.

As you can tell, we always go the extra mile to give you personal, neighborly support whenever we come to you for service every single time. Our team of service technicians and installers have been serving the Glendale AZ area for over 20 years and stands by ready to help. Need AC repair now? Call 602-753-4333.

Residential and Commercial Services Including:

Air conditioning sales, service, installation

Furnace Repair Service

Furnace installations

HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation

HVAC replacement

Ductless service and install (Mini splits)

We Service All Commercial Refrigeration Units and AC Units

We service all brands and factory warranties

We provide 24 hour emergency service!

Top 3 Tips To Help Keep Your AC Unit Working Right Longer:

Glendale AZ Commercial Refrigeration Repair

1) Change your air conditioning system’s filter on a regular basis. How often? We recommend every 90 days. Change it more often in a very dusty environment, like we have in many Arizona areas. A dirty filter makes your system work harder and longer. Changing your filter will help your system run more efficiently and help to keep your electric bill lower.  This also allows your system to run as efficiently as possible.

Recently a customer called for our service because their AC cooling system was shutting down and he had no idea why. The only cause: a dirty filter – we installed a new filter and the system worked like new! Extend your system’s life and let it run at peak efficiency by changing that filter when needed.

Here’s a tip that can help: Mark your calendar the first of every quarter (Jan 1, April 1, Jul 1, and Oct 1) to change your filter. Always have fresh filters in your house ready to go so you don’t have to go to the store when its time to replace it. If you’re a Costco member they run sales on their filters about 3 or 4 times a year so pick up a pack when they go on sale.

2) Just like a car, your AC system in your home needs tune-ups at regular intervals. We recommend an air conditioning system tune-up at least once a year. Little things can add up quickly to loss of efficiency and even premature system failure – a maintenance visit once a year by a trusted, qualified, and experienced HVAC technician can catch things before they begin to cause trouble. If you have a refrigeration concern or would like to schedule your maintenance visit, please call 602-753-4333 now.

SPECIAL TIP: Call for your system maintenance as soon as you can, just when the weather begins to warm up. Waiting until everyone else wants their system maintenance could mean you will need to wait longer for yours. Or get on your AC company’s schedule to automatically call you when it’s time for that tune-up!

3) Hear or smell anything strange from your AC unit? This could be a bad sign. Call your trusted air conditioning repair service in Glendale AZ right away if that happens – don’t wait. Strange noises, smells, or anything else out of the ordinary can quickly spell trouble – it’s best to get these issues checked out quickly. Anything abnormal can mean something is or will be seriously wrong soon. We can help you diagnose the issue over the phone for no charge, and determine whether it might require a service appointment.

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